Who are we?

Q-Global is the department that handles the analysis, planning and tips the touristic management requirements. It is part of Grup Costa Brava Centre, born in 2003, with experience acquiered along the years thanks to the application of quality and environmental management systems in hotels, campings, touristic apartments, rural houses, restaurants and other touristic sector entities.

Q- Global is available not only for private companies, also for public administrations in charge of touristic territories, as well as other organizations that directly or indirectly, affect the touristic sector and its resources.

Q-Global works with a multidisciplinary team that combines two complementary areas in all projects: counselling and communication.

Q-Global has at its disposal several experts from the different touristic disciplines that are part of Grup Costa Brava Centre: commercials an experts in tourism supply and demand, experts in laws, regulations and insurances suitable for the sector, experts in the labor and tax discipline, accounters, economists, architects, events and fairs organizers, journalists and designers.